As someone who was told I was not college material, the lessons students reveal in this book are what I had to learn on my own over a longer period of time. This work is about the truth so many students discovered in their efforts to successfully get through high school. They leave a simple path for their peers to follow, yet as their stories reveal, it takes some courage and the willingness to make difficult choices. This is a great resource for students!

-William Steele PsyD, MSW, MA.

-Founder of The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children

Behind the Counselor’s Door is powerful and eye-opening! It provides the reader with a realistic look and gripping stories of the emotional turmoil that teenagers face and have to deal with from the perspective of a high school counselor. Kuczynski takes a unique approach which enables the reader to find the grit and resiliency to overcome personal challenges and achieve greatness.

-Dave Pelzer

-Author of A Child Called “It” and recipient of The National Jefferson Award

This book is Real, Relevant, and Reliable! I am thankful for how it will excel my working with teenagers as I plan to provide it to thousands of students! If you’re a student, this is a must read to help navigate life. Adults, this book will inspire you to help students persevere through trials!


-E.J. Swanson

-Nationally recognized speaker and author to students

Behind the Counselor’s Door is a powerful book that moves beyond problems and focuses on solutions. It encourages teens to develop and strengthen their ability to succeed and make their lives satisfying despite all the challenges they face. This is a must read for teens, their parents, and all those who care about them.

-Jerry Moe, MA

-National Director of Children’s Programs Betty Ford Center


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