• kevinkuczynski

Coronavirus Comments

I've taken these last few weeks to contemplate how I feel about the pandemic that is taking place in America and around the world. Frankly, I don't know what to believe. I don't know what is true and what is designed to mislead and create panic. I do know that many people are sick, scared, worried about loved ones, and also fearful for their job and the income that comes with it to support a family.

Life is certainly not what it once was. Think about it...just a week or so ago everyone was going to school and work without interruption. The virus and the concerns that come with it were all elsewhere. Life was normal....until it wasn't. Once the crisis began (and grew) so called experts encouraged people to spend time at home with their families. They wanted people to spend time together by playing games, talking, watching movies, among others. While this is a worthwhile approach as certainly time with family matters I want us to look at this crisis from a slightly different angle.

Prior to this crisis, we live by doing a lot - some would say too much! ....maybe we are involved in too much! What I would like us to do during this time off is reflect on what we as parents/our families are involved in. You see, if we are going to reconnect with our children and spend all of this time with them because it is so important while we are off... after the crisis ends (and it will) we can't go back to living like we did. We need to reevaluate how we live and what we have to do. We must consider how we spend our time. Family time needs to be a priority and not just something to do in a time of crisis. This family time right now is a habit during a time of crisis - I want it to be a lifestyle long after this pandemic is over. Our kids need the time with parents - they might not say it, but they want it.

We shuffle our kids off to dance, gymnastics, soccer, hockey, karate, and so much more...we feel we have to... as if society expects it from us. The reality is we decide what we need to do and we must make changes as necessary. These activities are good and healthy, but the excess becomes a problem. We need to be sure that we are parents to our kids and not just their uber driver who shuffles them off to practices. The one thing we can't get is more time with our kids....years will go by fast and soon they will move on from living with you.

At some point, hopefully sooner than later, life in America will return to so called "normal". This pandemic will pass. My hope is that during this time of uncertainty you will reflect on how you have lived and make the necessary changes to find greater balance in life with family, faith, and friends. After all, the goal for us and our family is not to live a life, it is to live the best life - that is something we all can agree is a worthwhile cause even in a time of crisis.


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