• kevinkuczynski

For Students and Parents - Summer Vacation = No Vacation

What a wild and crazy four months its been! I haven't posted in a bit as I have been feverishly finishing revisions on my new book titled Real Life Conversations: What Teenagers Want Parents to Know that will be coming out later this year.... Anyways... I really wanted to write a blog that is really important as school is scheduled to begin opening around the country in about three weeks or so.

In speaking with so many students of all ages over these last four months what I have realized is that summer vacation this year has been no vacation. Many educators and parents often see the start of a new school year as a fresh start - a new beginning. This year definitely won't bring that. It's important to realize that countless kids across the country have gone nowhere in four months! Sad, but so true!! No only have kids not gone on family vacations to Disney or the beach, many of them haven't gone to the park, gone swimming, went to Target, ate a restaurant, or spent time with friends. Many kids have stayed at home, especially younger kids.

The ramifications of this is great and it's important that all of us (teachers, parents, and friends), are both aware and sensitive to this as a new school year begins. Many students haven't recharged their batteries if you will, they sadly may have dealt with a family member having the coronavirus or sadly dealt with a loved one who has tragically died from the current health pandemic. Because of this, please be aware that many students will start a new school year whether in person or online potentially angry, frustrated, alone, isolated, and the list goes on because of all that has gone on over the last four months. With this in mind, please give students an extra measure of grace and empathy as the new year begins. They likely have dealt with so much just as adults have, but they may have a difficult time processing their feelings. May we as educators, parents, and friends offer the comfort to students to provide stability to them in a world where their is none.....


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