• kevinkuczynski

My Thoughts on Kobe Bryant's Passing

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant is one that many people have struggled with and rightly so. His passing has impacted many not because we knew him, but because we feel like we did. Seeing him play basketball on television game after game along with countless media interviews makes us feel like we knew him. This regular "interaction" made us feel like we knew him and even were friends with him even if we never spoke to him face to face. It's almost as if we lived life with Kobe because he was a regular part of our lives for so many years as we tuned in to watch him play on TV or catch his highlights on ESPN's SportsCenter.

For many their interest in Kobe grew into a love and someone they admired. He became a role model for so many people, both teenagers and adults alike. For many of these people he became not just a role model or someone to look up to but he became a hero of sorts. When Kobe passed just a couple of days ago, this is where it became confusing. You see for many people, let's say age thirty and under, they likely haven't had a famous person of this magnitude die. They haven't faced the profound grief and sadness of losing a hero. The most recent famous passing that impacted people around the world might be Prince or Michael Jackson and they likely are too young to truly be a follower of them. While certainly sad and tragic their deaths were overdoses thus their passing takes on a different feel compared to Kobe's which was appears to be a tragic accident.

Kobe's passing doesn't make sense for his countless fans worldwide. He was a hero. We have a mentality that heroes don't die. For many he was their Superman. Heroes are invincible, thus people struggle to process the reality that their hero died. May Kobe's passing cause us all to treasure our time with those we love and live each day to the fullest. After all, Kobe lived his life to the fullest to have the greatest impact possible. May we seek to live with the same drive and purpose......may we seek to be the hero for someone else....just like Kobe was for many of us.


© 2016 by Kevin Kuczynski