• kevinkuczynski

The Problem With Being In Your Comfort Zone

We like to be in our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is where we feel safest. We long to be there because it allows us the chance to unwind and recharge. Remember when you are outside of your comfort zone, you are forced to step up. You need to be sharp. While it's good to feel safe, stepping outside our comfort zone allows us to be stretched because we have to deal with and face things that would never enter us when we are in our comfort zone. Being stretched is a great thing because that is when real growth takes place!

Some of us like to stay in our comfort zone so we don't have to face things that trouble us or challenge us. The reason is because we don't like change. Change is scary. Change forces us to face things that we may not want to deal with whereas our comfort zone becomes a means to avoid. I often tell teenagers that you can delay growing up, but you can't avoid it - the same is true for adults as well. You will get older, you are better off facing things now as they likely will get worse over time if you continue to avoid them. Just because you stay in your comfort zone doesn't mean things go away. It may be tough, but face the things in life that trouble you and see the transformation in you over time that can occur.

Step outside of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be stretched because in the end this is when real growth in your life takes place. The beauty of this process is that if you keep stepping outside of your box, your comfort zone keeps getting a little bigger. Why? Because you become comfortable doing more things. Get the most out of your life! Don't let fear paralyze you and celebrate the growth in life both large and small!!


© 2016 by Kevin Kuczynski