• kevinkuczynski

What I Love About Post Sept. 11th

Just recently we paused to remember those lost on September 11th. For anyone alive when it happened, the day is etched in our memory. Likely, each one of us can remember where we were when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. The shock and horror of that day is something many of us will never forget.

While the loss of lives is horrific, there is one thing I do like about the days following 9-11 that is noteworthy and something that needs to be emphasized in our present day America. After 9-11, we were all together as Americans. We were united. It wasn't about being black or white, or democratic or republican. The focus was on being American! Do you remember these times. Do you remember American flags being sold out? The colors red, white, and blue flew everywhere on porches across American homes. Even congress got together and stood on the steps of the US Capitol building showing a united front. Patriotism reigned supreme.

Maybe our country needs to reflect on the days following 9-11....remember the loss of life while recalling the unity that Americans had. Today, we are focused on hatred, and racism. We are a country being swallowed up by COVID, but equally so by social injustices, political drama, and natural disasters. These are tough times...Americans once had unity through tragedy. It seems we need to be reminded of that today. We all need a little patience and show some extra kindness to others. Don't you think that would be a reasonable place where each one of us could start?


© 2016 by Kevin Kuczynski