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Kevin Kuczynski is a high school counselor and life coach who has been working with teenagers and their parents for over twenty-five years. He brings a wealth of private-practice experience, specializing in adolescent, family, and marital therapy. He currently serves on the advisory board for a large private counseling center in Southeast Michigan. Kevin published his first book, Behind the Counselor’s Door​ in 2015, and he has also been published in the Student Assistance Journal, Counselor Magazine, and WebMD. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Cedarville University and a master’s degree from Liberty University. He lives in Macomb Township, Michigan, with his wife, Jennifer, their two children, Hannah and Ty, and their two dogs, Reesie and Bear. In his spare time he loves playing golf, running, watching sports, takes Florida vacations to Disney World, and spending time with his family. He can be reached at

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