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Interview with parenting expert Annie Fox

Interview with Jaime Shaver & Julie Van Gorp of True View Ministries 


WebMD - 2015  "How to Talk to Your Teen"

ASCD - 2009 - "Interventions That Promote Emotionally Healthy Students"

Counselor Magazine - 2009 - "Personal Responsibility Through Mentoring"5

Student Assistance Journal - 2008 - "Personal Responsibility Through Mentoring"

Other Appearences

        True View Ministries                                           Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

        Orlando Advocate                                             Orlando, Florida     Syracuse, New York                                                         Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

        THE EVENT                     Shelby Township, Michigan

        Wyoming Counseling Association                     Cody, Wyoming

        WIAM Radio                                                      Turnersville, New Jersey                                                     San Anselmo, California

        ASCD                                                                 Alexandria, Virginia                                                       Toronto, Canada

        WHCR Radio 90.3 FM                                       New York City, New York

        Macomb Township Chronicle                            Macomb, Michigan

        Cedarville Magazine                                          Cedarville, Ohio

        Warren Weekly                                                  Warren, Michigan

        Woodside News                                                 Troy, Michigan

        WSVA Radio 550 AM                                         Harrisonburg, Virginia

        The Harbinger News                                          Warren, Michigan

        ESPN Radio 98.7 FM                                         New York City, New York

        Counselor Magazine                                          Deerfield Beach, Florida

        KNDD, KISW, KKWF, KHTP Radio                   Seattle, Washington

        Barnes & Noble (Book Signing)                         Shelby Twp., Michigan

        Macomb Intermediate School District                Clinton Twp., Michigan

        WMUZ Radio 103.5 FM                                     Detroit, Michigan

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